Saturday, February 6, 2010

Abandoned Blog/Refreshed Blog

I started this blog a year or two ago with full intentions of writing here more often. Didn't happen and I pretty much forgot about it like many projects I start.

I've been writing at for YEARS and YEARS and love the place, have many loyal "friends" over there and find it just easier to post to when I have something I'd like to share.
But also find it boring.

But, I can post there and get 5 notes within a minute and I never get notes or "comments" here. I guess I just have to start leaving comments on other peoples blogs to get readers, huh?

I plan on working on that.

Since I deleted all my old posts to start anew, I'll give you a short summery of who I am to start off.

My name is Jen, I currently live in Iowa with my lovely little family: My husband, son who's 8 and daughter who's 5. We're from North Central Illinois but moved to MO (for 2 years), then IA (been here for a year now) so my husband can work his way up the corporate ladder.

I was miserable living in Missouri, we were in a small dead-end town with a bunch of hillbillies.
I didn't make a single friend in two years, although I didn't really try all that hard, honestly :p

I've made a few really good friends since we've been here in IA. We live in another small community, but this one is MUCH nicer, the people are more.... I don't know... better.

We still eventually (like sooooon) want to move back "home" (IL) for good to just settle down already... we've only rented homes, never owned one and my dream right now is to just own a home back "HOME" and be near family.

Winters are really hard on me, emotionally. I believe I suffer from S.A.D (Season Affect Disorder) and living where I do, in the small house that I do, make for some terrible cabin fever. I'm trying to make the most of it.

I'm starting to learn that no matter what, THINGS CHANGE, kids grow older, more independent, my husbands job could have us moving within a month at any point in time, hard times come and hard times go, along with wonderful times and that is LIFE. I'm trying to just go with the flow and not, as it's been said, don't sweat the small stuff and just enjoy every moment.

Make the most of everything. Just choose happiness.

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Victoria, Dan & Evan said...

I am trying to revive my blog too....or at least just write in it once in awhile.