Monday, February 22, 2010

The Bachelor Monday!

Just finished watching my TiVo'd episode tonight.

Every season, I say "I'm never going to going to watch this STUPID show again!" then, I get sucked back in :)

Tonight was the "The Woman Tell All" Episode they always do before the Finale.

OMG Rozlyn acted like such a bitch!!
(if you don't watch.. maybe you heard about the hooker that had a relationship with a producer DURING filming and got booted? -- Ya, her.

She was soo rude to Chris (the host).

Good TV :)

(& love the scenes they never showed :))

On a side note (that probably should of been the main topic [!], I had exercise class tonight (we're finishing up our 6th week of Mon, Wed, Saturday classes) and I was able to do all the "real" push ups tonight without quitting!! 90seconds, then 2x 30 seconds... Hey, it's a LONG time when you're actually doing them!

I haven't lost any weight (maybe ONE pound)... but I KNOW I'm getting stronger! I couldn't do ONE real (as in non-girly on the knees) push up weeks ago, let along 90 seconds of them!

Maybe if I changed my diet -- didn't really do that, actually ate 4 peices of pizza before class! -- I might actually gain muscle AND loose weight!

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