Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Manic Mommies & podcasts to love

A couple years ago when I got my very first iPod (an iPod shuffle)..and after listening to my entire music collection for a straight month, while doing the dishes, while mowing the lawn, while running on the treadmill, I got tired of my music and decided to head over to the iTunes store and see what I could see.

I came upon these things call "podcasts". I had no idea what they were before then and they were FREE so I decided to download a few.. I of course browsed through the list of categories.. Parenting/Family caught my eye and I selected a few that looked interesting. I downloaded about 5 and FEEL IN LOVE. I few of my favorite "shows" early on were: The DivaCast (has since podfaded), Jumping Monkey (has since podfaded), the MommyCast, and most of all Manic Mommies.

Manic Mommies has remained my MOST favorite podcast to date, even after adding a few more awesome ones to my list, including: Geek Loves Nerd, The Pine Valley Podcast and The Mominatrix!

I think that every mom of young children (or whatever age really), working or stay-at-home, NEED to know about The Manic Mommies and need to listen to their podcast. They're such a breath of fresh air, they make my chores go by so fast, while cracking me up the whole time. They do alot of shows that are just chitchat which are the most hilarious, but the also do informative shows with awesome interviews.

In addition they have a great blog and do amazing giveaways:
Like their current one: an exclusive Real Simple “Time for You” luxury hotel package at the Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago April 9-11, 2010

This giveaway is meant for a Manic Mommies listener, but I guarantee if you listen to one podcast, you'll become a listener and want to catch up on all the back episodes!! I dare you :)

Subscribing through iTunes is simple.. but if you want to listen right now -- here you go:

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