Thursday, June 24, 2010

Heads Up! It's all about the love. PeaceLoveWorld giveaway.

Just wanted to fill you all in on an awesome giveaway I just learned of over at

They're giving a way an awesome, inspiring, Tire Cover just for letting them know why YOU think "It's all about the love..."

This is one of my most favorite new websites for clothing. I'm obsessed with them and I don't even own any of their clothes yet! :)  I of course want it all, but being the guilty mom that I am, I'm having a hard time finishing the checkout process knowing I could be getting the kids fall backtoschool wardrobes in check first (which, PLW actually has kids clothing & lunch packs too, so I'll probably splurge on those before I get myself anything.  But eventually I'll be all Peace Love World'd out!! It's totally my style.  It's PRICEY but cute.. but that's coming from me: who buys all their clothes at Target :) LOL.

Anyway sorry for the rant -- back to the amazing give away...

Follow this link and leave a comment and enter for a chance to win one of these:

Because they're cute, and they're guaranteed to brighten whoevers-stuck-behind-you-at-reds-light's day!

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