Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hughes' News BIG update!

Time flies!!

I haven't posted in this blog for awhile. But I want to start again.
We have facebook, of course, but I'd like to post more of our family goin' ons here too.

Our family of 4 will be a family of 5 soon! 

With a son who's 10 and a daughter who's {almost} 8... hubby & I decided to add another. We went back and forth if we should or not. But we couldn't shake the desire for another. We wanted to wait until "we're ready", or "we're more "finacially stable" or owned a home of our own {we still rent}  or "wait for the perfect time".... but if we waited for all that we'd grow old waiting.

If everyone waited until the time was "perfect" there were never be any "perfect" time.

So we went for it and decided YOLO! Right?  You only live once.  We have the love, the kids we do have are amazing and would love a new sibling. So we tried... and Poof! We're expecting after only a couple weeks!!

I told the kids {&everyone else, via facebook} on Mother's Day!! I was about 5-6 weeks then.... pretty early, but I've never been a patient one.  

 Knowing so early, has made time feel like it's passing pretty slowly -- I'm just turning 20 weeks right now & I feel like I've been prego forEVER, yet I'm just now starting to FEEL pregnant.  

The first few months dragged on with nausea & extreme exhaustion.  But once I hit the 2nd trimester...I've felt AMAZING. NO more nausea, lots of extra energy & ambition to do things around the house I neglected earlier.  I felt more fat that pregnant a lot of the time, and early when the symptoms disappeared & I had still yet to have an ultrasound & couldn't yet feel the was REALLY hard to FEEL pregnant. 

Hearing the heartbeat for the first time around 10 weeks helped alot, since then I've heard it another time, and feel the movement all the time so I'm started to really believe!

This Thursday will be our 1st {& possibly only} ultrasound, and hopefully we'll get to find out the gender.  We're taking the kids out of school that morning, so they can come with us! They're just as excited as we are to find out what we're having!!

I just could never be one of those people who wait to be "surprised" about what they have at birth. I'm glad J isn't either.  We'll still be surprised, we'll just be surprised Thursday instead of 4 months for now!!

We have names picked out too, and we'll share those when we find out!!!

So that's our big FAMILY update for now.

I'll try to post more often on everything else and post the big GENDER REVEL here too!!


Renee said...

Cant wait for Thursday!!!!

mommyofangelq said...

So excited to find out what baby Hughes gender is!

mommyofangelq said...

So excited to find out what baby Hughes gender is!

mommyofangelq said...

So excited to find out what baby Hughes gender is!