Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's a.......

We were all super excited for this day to come! 
My ultrasound appointment was at 10am, we didn't send the kid's to school -- they really wanted to come with us, we planned on getting them back for their afternoon classes {but that didn't happen & they didn't complain!}.

I admit I was pretty nervous, trying to thing positive but this was my first ever ultrasound with this baby...I was just hoping everything would look healthy and complete. 

We arrived on time & got right in. 

It wasn't long before we saw the first images of our little bean & heard the strong heartbeat {140}.

Bean was super wiggly, but the tech took some good shots.
In the end she printed us out like 15 pictures -- which seemed like a lot since I only remember getting like 3 with each of the other kids.

We really wanted to find out the gender, so when the tech asked us if we wanted to know we all said "yes!"

She knew right away & showed us....

It's a boy!

We're all really excited, I think we all {besides K} reallly wanted a boy... but K's still excited for a little brother -- she just wants to be a big sister!

We left happy & assured that our baby BOY was healthy & active!

We celebrated with lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings {hubby's choice!} & fried pickles & wings.... YUM!

Tomorrow morning we're leaving for Omaha, NE for the weekend! The kids are excited, mostly to go to a "new state" but the hotel waterpark & zoo will be fun. I'm so excited to just get away for a couple of days with just my family of 4.5!

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Renee said...

Oh Jen, super excited for you! I had boy feelings before I clicked on this entry.
Enjoy your trip away hun!!!!
Yay a boy!