Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nebraska Vacay {Day 2}

Day two was the best.

We figured the whole day would be all about the zoo & it was!

It was a rainy day, which was actually really nice because we're all OVER the heat.. so it wasn't hot at all. It wasn't too cold either. It was perfect, we just needed to stop at Target to pick up some unbrellas to avoid breaking down & buying some over-priced zoo unbrellas... but I'm not sure we got such a deal.

Omaha's Henry Doorly's Zoo was pretty awesome.  I heard such great things about this zoo, and they were all right! It was big, so many great exhibits, it was a great deal,included a nice aquarium, parking was free, all exhibts were free, we did opt to pay to watch an IMAX movie {in 3D} about Prehistoric Monsters, that was so cool.

I've been to Chicago's Lincoln Brookfield and St. Louis's zoo... and I have to say I think Omaha's was my fav. 

The rain didn't bother me at all, but the place was so big we didn't see everything {I know we didn't see the children's area, not sure what else} and since we left the park for lunch, when we got back we had a couple hours to finish off the last of what we wanted to see and we barely made.  But it didn't feel like we rushed it either.

I took a TON of pictures, and got some really cool shots in the Aquarium with my phone {I currently don't have a camera, since my last shitty one broke a  couple months ago, my phone took better pictures anyway & I refuse to buy another cheap one}.

Unfortunatly the Aquarium photos are gone forever, since one our way home Sunday, I accidently left my phone in a REST STOP bathroom & didn't realized this until we were over an hour away. We couldn't got back with no guarrantee it'd still be there... and there is no way to call a Rest Stop in the middle of nowhere anyway. Ugh.  So after calling Verizon & them telling us there was nothing they could do, we had it disconnected.  

I don't even miss my phone, I don't care at all if I get another "smart phone", I just really wish I could get my pictures back.

Before I lost it had had started sending the pictures I took to my email, starting from the last I took... so I do have a few to share of the end of our day. &Then I have a couple I took with Instagram and had posted to FB already so I could save those.

in the Lied Jungle.

K & her kin.

We loved watching the Gorillas!


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