Monday, August 27, 2012

Nebraska Vacy {Day 1}


Now my kids can say they've been to a "new state", Nebraska. Just barely, we went to Omaha which is right across the border from IA. 

Friday we left in the morning for our 4+ hour drive. 

We dropped our dog off at a friends & were on our way.
It went well, driving through Iowa is pretty damn boring... nothing to see  but flat land & crops.... and a few windfarms as we got closer to the border.

Once we reached Nebraska, we were minutes away from our hotel.  It was so nice to BE THERE and just get our of the car, and I immediatly dropped bags in the room and sprawled out on the bed, pillows tucked all around my belly... felt so good to let my body stretch!

The kids just wanted to check everything out & were anxious to head down to the "water resort", but we had to wait a little bit before it opened.

The waterpark was pretty nice, it was packaged into our hotel deal {as was pizza each night & breakfast each morning}. For the deal we got -- it was great! But, other guests {even guests who paid full price for their hotel rooms} still had to buy wristbands to utilize the fun & it wasn't cheap! I think like $25 a wristband. I don't think I would of paid an extra $100 to go.

But the kids had a blast & their was a pretty nice lazy river {my thing} that I chilled in.

We had dinner & went to find some dessert. We found a cute cupcakery that was CUPCAKE WARS. Kendall & I LOVE Cupcake Wars!! We went to Jones Bros Cupcakes & it was yummy! I'd say comparable to the Cupcakery we love here {who's never been on CW yet!!!} And they were a dollar more. $2.95 a piece!

Then it was back to the hotel for a little bit more of the waterpark, well for the kids, J went to bed because he wasn't feeling good & I sat and watched the kids.  It was nice & relaxing.

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