Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Family Updates


Hubs: Got a new job!  He's been wanting to leave his previous one for so long. Although he's been with the same company for 11 years, this particular location {we've been in three different states with this company} has been the worst.  Almost the whole time we've been he's felt taken advantage of and never got paid as much as she should of been, even to just be equal to his peers and it really wasn't looking like that would ever happen. So for the past year, at least, he's really been looking elsewhere.

This new place has promise. And it's only about a 5 min difference in travel time for him.  Yesterday was only his first day {orientation} but so far so good!

Still wish we could of found something back "home" in IL. But nothing seemed to work out and I guess this is just where we're supposed to be for now.  I want to be closer to my family more that anything, but as the kids get older & more involved in sports and friends...I know it will be harder to move. So I'm honestly not as optimistic anymore that we'll ever move back :(

Me & Baby Cannon:  This pregnancy has been going so smoothly. I never really got sick much. I was nauseous for a couple months, and exhaustion was strong. But since I hit the second trimester it's been smooth sailing. I'm 25 weeks now. The only issues Ive been having have been with back pain & sciatic pain almost every night - especially if I've worked that day. Even a few hours on my feet at the salon wipes me out.

Health wise, we're doing great! Blood pressure & heartbeat, measurement & movement all have been perfect at each visit.  At my appt next month I'll do the glucose test {yay! :/} and after that I'll start going every two weeks instead of every month!!!!!!

We've settled on a name too!  I've loved the name Cannon since the first time I heard it & Jason agreed so it was easy. We didn't even think of any other name. Actually even before we know he was a boy we were calling him Cannon :)  The spelling, was the biggest decision Cannon or Canon? But  I like the double n best ... and now it's set in stitches so two it is!!

^ His first gift!! I got this for him from Thirty-One Gifts. It's sooo adorable! &Super soft & cuddly. It's a little stuffed bear with a zippered back that the blanket can go in.


 He's been pretty busy with football. He has practice 3 nights a week and games on Sundays this month.  He's been having fun, but is increasingly getting new bumps and bang ups...he limped to school today because he has pain in his right heel & knee!! Ugh, football is a hard sport for a mom to watch their son play!

She's been all about Tumbling lately. She has class every Tuesday, but is constantly doing cartwheels and flips and back walkovers up in her room - I hear it all day!  She's improved so much in just a couple months. She can do the splits and do a back walk over {which is a back bend and then flipping over} with ease.

Dog & Cat: Still hate each other. Well my cat hates my dog and it's been 6 months since we've gotten him and I don't think she'll EVER tolerate him. She hisses & swings at him when ever she SEES him.  The dog is a hyper ball of white shedding fur...the hair is getting ridic especially since I'm almost always wearing black. And if you leave the room and return a minute later he'll freak out and jump all over you so excited to see you again.

Everything going well at the moment here!  We're all pretty optimistic for the future!!


mommyofangelq said...

So in love with your name choice!

mommyofangelq said...

So in love with your name choice!