Sunday, September 2, 2012

Two weeks of birthday...

So even though we spent last weekend in Omaha, with fun at a water resort & zoo... and we tried to call that Kendall's bday gift -- she wasn't havin' it.  Giftwise she was fine with that, but not having any friends along to celebrate made her feel sad. So I let her invite *3* friends for a sleepover this weekend.

She got cards & gifts in the mail the whole week leading up to her birthday {one perk to ALL of our family members living 300 miles away, I guess}.  Spending a superfun weekend with her family in a new state, cake on her birthday {Sunday},

Cupcakes sent to school on the Monday after her bday, and a few more gifts in the mail that week, she got a cookie cake this weekend with her friends,

Fun with her girls, tye dying shirts, more gifts & eating pizza... I'd say she had a great birthday!!

{I need a new camera :(}

 And I'm extremely shocked that ALL the girls got along ALL night, no drama!! Maybe it's just them maturing, or that I only allowed the "well behaved" girls to be invited anyway :)... but I like it!! They were super easy, pretty much stayed up in K's room and danced & played & made crafts... It was awesome! :)

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