Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I need cloth diaper HELP!

I was recently blessed with the gift of a bunch of cloth diapers from a wonderfully generous friend who was done with them.

I always wanted to try cloth, but I couldn't bring myself to start investing in something I didn't know if I could make work or not & I knew disposables worked for us...although I'm sure much more expensive over the years {I just wouldn't let myself think about it}.

I recieved  5 OS Happy Heinies and 6 OS Bum Genius {and I did purchase a Sunbaby through a swap}

Then I got all these inserts.

And I'm clueless to it all. My son is almost 5 months old. I recieved these when he was around 3 I've been attempting to make this work for about 2 months and I feel like I may be doing it all wrong.

I've watched some youtube videos recently trying to get any tips I can. 

After recieving these I washed them with Tide free & clear powder and rinsed twice. {Previous owner said she used Purex Free & Clear with no problems} 

I was clueless about stripping so I just started useing them, and although they were doing an ok job?? I felt like my baby wasn't happy with them... fussy as soon as he would wet his diaper... he was used to always feeling dry. We had just gone through the trial of finding the perfect disposable Pampers,Luvs, Huggies, Parent's Choice?, and finally Up & Up and I decided UP & UP were perfect.  Super thin, absorbed everything and was the ONE diaper my son could shoot is BF poop straight out the back. 

Then I decided cloth would be best and since I was so lucky to have these gifted to me I was gonna make it work, I'd save money, help the enviroment with not adding to the landfills....

But my diapers kept leaking...first at night - I realized just how much my son peed at night. With disposables you really could tell... but he was just soaked after half a night with the cloth {even with an extra layer stuffed in the pocket}  . They'd leak when he napped. They leaked all the time.

Sometimes the fit was wrong? I didn't want them to feel toooo tight...
Maybe I wasn't using the right insert?
Maybe the diapers were absorbing properly?

I tested a few inserts with running them under water and I did feel like they were not absorbing right away, the water would ball up & run before getting absored. So I googled stripping diapers.  I didn't have any blue Dawn, so I just used a cup of vinegar & a hot wash, & did that twice...
Seemed to help.

I still get leaks though mostly through the leg holes.
I'm too scared to try them at night because I don't want the leaks. 
I still use disposables a lot. always at night and always when we are out.

But I want to make a complete switch and just start using these cloth {and add more even, since these will get me though probably a day and would like to wash every other day}

SO I NEED ANY AND ALL ADVICE. What am I doing wrong? If this was  your stash how would you be using these diapers/inserts?

I've been using mainly just those smaller inserts. {top right}

 I used most of the diapers on the middle size snaps, The long microfleece are way too long and I hate folding them over and him having a big bulky lump in the back.  Are all these meant for inserts, or are some just "doublers"?? I know the thinner 4 layer ones are doublers... right?

what side of these is UP?

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