Sunday, July 28, 2013

And over a half a year later...

So the last time I wrote in here it was the end of the year 2012 and I was counting down the days until I got to meet my third baby and damn, time sure flies! My mom, sister, brother inlaw and nephew all came down a week before I had him and helped out a lot around the house and with my other two kiddos and were really helpful when I went into the hospital with getting my oldest off to school and to afterschool activities, fed and all that stuff.  I had a pretty easy labor & delivery and it's hard to believe that was almost 7 MONTHS ago!!


I was reminiscing last night

 and decided to compile some of the belly shots I had taken and make a slide show. I miss being pregnant so much! I loved it and wish I could do it 10 more times {I know, I'm crazy...and unfortunately probably will never be prego again}

Cannon Alexander Hughes was born January 8 2013!
Welcomed by Mommy {31} Daddy {35} Brother {11} and Sister {8}

I'm so blessed with the three amazing children I do have!! I really is the greatest honor to be their mommy.

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