Thursday, August 22, 2013

Today was the first day back to school after what seemed like the shortest {in some ways} and the longest {in some ways} summer ever. This summer did not go as I would have liked in many ways. 

My kids spent far too much time in front of screens inside the house, not enough time at the pool, I don't even think they went enough to make our season pass worth it! Evan didn't play baseball {unfortunate turn of events, that still piss me off to even think about and I fear it seriously changed his attitude about all sports in general, which makes me sad because he really did love baseball}, and I didn't get out for walks near as often as I would of liked due to a baby who went from loving stroller rides to hating them for a time. We did get to visit fam in IL for a few days and that was pretty much the highlight.  We have a new MEMBER OF THE FAM also this summer {Cannon turned 6 months old in IL} Cannon has been a bright spot of the summer for sure... I just feel like for the rest of the fam it was a bit of a FAIL.

I wish we could of gotten outside more and I wish we could of taken a couple more "real" vacations {waterparks, theme parks}.

The days were long with the kids zoned out most of the time but the weeks seemed to fly by.

I'm so grateful for this new school year, getting my kids back into routine, interacting with friends, learning stuff,  & reading books again.  I had hopes of keeping them active and reading over break and it didn't work out :/ 

Looking back on pictures from the past couple months we did have some good times:

But today I'm glad school is back in session! My kids are going to bed at a decent time again and I'm able to use {our one and only} laptop during the DAY. Woot.

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