Tuesday, September 17, 2013

little family update

I haven't updated this in awhile and I have a minute {at least I think I do.... baby is sleeping but who knows how long that will last!!}  Cannon {baby} isn't the best napper, or sleeper in general... he doesn't always take consistant naps so really, who knows.

Jason started his NEW job yesterday! So thankful for that....  he's been laid off for what, 2 months?  He got some good quailty time in with the kiddos... but so glad for him to be back in a work routine and I think he is too.   He's going back to a job he's had before {not the one he was laid off from, but the one he had before that} so it's technically not a new job for him... but ya know... in all the crappy ways it is -- like low seinority, no vacation time & no insurance right away .... but it is what it is. 

Cannon turned 8 months last week and he's learning things so quickly now. He's also alot more mobile.. he crawls, but it's a belly dragging army crawl - it's what he first tried, it worked and I don't think he'll ever get on his knees this way is just working for him and he's a fast little monkey.

He also likes to stand in his crib, pack n play or at his toy table... he's working on pulling himself up and only needs a little assistance.

I'm not in any rush for him to start standing & walking... It seems like it was just a month or two ago he was my tiny little infant and now he's just getting so big so fast!

The older kiddos are doing well. Kendall loves school and was excited to get back into the routine.
I need to get her back into a gymnastics class.. once the hubs gets back into a work routine we can start to figure that out.  She just had a birthday last month and turned 9.  She had a few friends over for just a sleepover. She's really into Justice clothes and she got a couple Justice gift cards and was able to get a few things she really wanted and was so happy about that, she also still really loves playing on her Google Nexus 7 tablet and playing on clubpenguin.com :)

Evan is hanging in there. Not such a big fan of school in general.. he says he doesn't mind "school work" just going to school.  He's been sick this weekend with a cough and runny nose and over all feeling of ick and missed last Friday and Monday and I had Kendall bring home his homework last night which consisted of some math worksheets and some literacy work sheets ... maybe 5-6.... looked like a lot to me, and he was done in damn near 15 min IF THAT.  And everything was right.

I know for a fact this kid is bright and does not get challenged enough at school.  What to do...what to do....

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