Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hello, Summer!

When we move here to Nebraska, I didn't really know what kind of weather to expect, I assumed not much different that Iowa.  And for the most part it's been similar. The first entire week we were here was 70*- beautiful!  I think it's maybe rained/been cloudy 3ish days and then went right back to beautiful and the temps have been climbing each day.

Our pools opened up Memorial Day weekend and it's perfect timing!  
We've had perfect pool weather since & have bought a waterpark season pass and have taken advantage of it everyday so far!

Sad for my Iowa peeps, since they still have school until into June :( & their pools don't open for a couple weekends... but do know, we'll be heading back to school earlier than you guys and  your pools will probably stay open later!

I think school starts somewhere around Aug 12 here & that seems just TOO EARLY already. It's still so hot then & Kendall's birthday is Aug 26 -- anytime after that seems appropriate.

But I'm not dwelling on that!

We got a lot of summer to live!

And the pool is what we're enjoying now!!

We hope your summer has started with a sun-shiney good time!

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