Saturday, May 24, 2014

It's been awhile |catch up with us!| + new video channel!

Hey guys!! I've neglected this blog for quite some time & I'm in hopes to start posting here more!!
The last time I posted was Sept 2013 - 8 MONTHS ago!

Obviously stuff happens in 8 months. For us we've had some pretty BIG STUFF happen in 8 months.
Well Evan & Kendall's entire 4th & 6th grade school year, Cannon's first holiday season, Cannon's first BIRTHDAY, Jason got a new job & we moved  400 miles to a new state!

I'll post a few "highlight" photos for you, but I also wanted to post this to let you know to expect to be updated more regularly from now on {my goal is at least ONCE A WEEK} and to let you know I made a YouTube Channel {Hughes News} specifically to post family clips & "adventure" videos of places we visit & things we do because I'm really loving composing & editing videos latley :)


Kendall joined a new gymnastics group and learned a lot of new "tricks"!

2013 Apple Orchard visit

Visit to IL for cousin Robert's 3rd Birthday!

Pumpkin Patch 2013

Halloween 2013

IL trip to visit for Thanksgiving!



School Geography Bee winner!
Second year in a row!

Valentines Day

Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium visit

Another Illinois visit!

Kendall's last choir concert in Iowa

Said goodbye to Raji & Roxy

& moved to Nebraska!

Mother's Day 2014

Zoo Trip

And now you're all caught up! :)

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