Thursday, May 28, 2015

Memorial Weekend visit with friends & ZOO

Last weekend we had visitors!  {which is pretty rare}
Good friends we made {including Kendall's BFF} when we were living in Iowa traveled to us to stay a few days.

It was really nice to see familiar faces, and really hard to believe we hadn't seen them for a whole year.

Kendall has been keeping in touch with her best friend through text/facetime but they were pretty excited to see eachother.

It was so nice to see all of our friends, Cannon's friend was his age now when we left, now she's 3 & he's 2 and they got along great!

 We had a girls afternoon & the BFFs got their nails done, and us moms got pedis!

And we had a nice group dinner, at cool place. Our table was right under a CAR hanging from the ceiling! 

Cannon was antsy before our food came 
But after eating some yummy food, the kids took their paper cars (their food came in) and zoomed around the table. Luckily (or strategically?) they put us in a big corner with a round table away from other dinners.  

Sunday we all headed to Omaha, to stay overnight. The kids had fun splashing in the pool and going down the fun slides.

That night we had cupcakes for dinner!
Jones Bros in downtown Omaha, who were once the winners of The Food Network's Cupcake Wars!

I tried my first Macaroon!  I had no idea what to expect, this seemed to be a bit of cherry flavored cake with yummy frosting, and it was QUITE DELICIOUS!  I got a few bites before Cannon stole it.

Then Monday we all went to the zoo!

Being Memorial Day, of course, it was PACKED.  And after a few cool stormy days, the sunshine really felt hot and muggy.

We did get to see some monkeys, the petting zoo {goats}, (my fav) the budgie birds, some bears, took a train ride, went through the aquarium and that was about it before half the kids were melting down - hot and tired.

This is how we all felt after 4hrs in a hot, crowded zoo:

It was time to say goodbye to our friends, both to travel in opposite directions, for hours with tired kiddos.... Luckily they all slept in our car!  It was a great visit!  Hopefully we'll see them again really soon!

Some video clips from our weekend -

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