Monday, June 15, 2015

A Day in Snapshots | #adayinsnapshots


Making "Day in the life"s or "DITL" has been something I have loved to do for a long time.   I use to make then and post on an online "opendiary" (before "blogs" were a thing).

a few from 2007:

I've even tried to make a few video versions, they take way too much time & effort though and I never fully like how they turn out so they're rare.

Yesterday I decided to try to do it on my instagram.
I checked in when ever I thought about it or something was going on.
I was fun & super easy, and a lot of my friends said it was fun to see.

I don't think I'll do them too often as it can fill up a IG feed and some people might be annoyed with that, but it's so cute to look back on, I tagged them all with #sublimejenDITL and now I can go back and look at the whole day whenever.

I'm thinking this would also be a SUPER EASY way to scrapbook a day. You could print all the photos out, or add them to a photo book - Even dedicate a GROOVEBOOK or something similar to this. 

I found a hashtag that hadn't been used yet - #adayinsnapshots
Head over to Instagram and check it out if you'd like.

I used a free app on my Android called Photofy to add the time stamp.

And I'm putting out a call for anyone seeing this and interested to do the same! I'd love to see A DAY IN SNAPSHOTS of all different kinds of people & families!!

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