Monday, June 1, 2015

Our Cloth Diaper Journey || Cloth, I just can't quit you.

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I never cloth diapered my oldest two kids. Quite frankly it never once crossed my mind, I didn't know that was a thing people still did.  I never questioned the money I paid for diapers (although I did always go for the cheapest, usually Luvs) or the wastefulness of tossing so many diapers away each day.  Never once thought about it.

Then I had my youngest, Cannon, who is now 2.
Also I never breastfeed either of my older kids, again never really thought about about, never attempted it.

I guess, I plead ignorance, I was one month into being 20 years old when my first was born, and 22 with my second and I never knew anyone who breastfed, and didn't have any close friends that had kids... so there is that, also I was totally fine with giving my babies formula and they turned out totally fine so I have no regrets.

With Cannon, We decided to have him when my daughter, youngest of my two then, was 7 going on 8. So it had been awhile, It seemed like so much had changed but I think mostly information was more easily available this time around.  With the internet, Facebook, blogs, vlogs... other ways of doing things were easy to find, and honestly, I think if I had a baby right now, things would be even more different (only 3 years later) and not for the better, I feel like I've been opened up to SO MUCH MORE that never even crossed my mind even a few years ago... things that could go wrong, things to stress about, the "best" way to do things....  I'd be a stressball with some of the things I've learned about pregnancy/birth/babies since then..

Anyway, all that brings me to how I fell in love with cloth diapers.

I breastfed Cannon (well exclusively pumped BREASTMILK for him, and for the purpose of this story, he was drinking breastmilk.) He had a different kind of poop than I could ever remember, as breastmilk fed babies tend to have. And he was having "poop explosions", the kind that require total outfit (and sheet) changes, multiple times a day, well into his 3rd month.

I ranted about it on Facebook, as you do, and a friend of mine (from the internets, actually, I've never met her IRL) recommended cloth diapers to me, and even offered to send me an old stash she had, her son was well past potty trained and "They needed a good home."  "Of course!" I told her, I'll try anything, and I'd seen other online friends talking about and posting pictures of cloth diapers and they were so cute!

She ended up sending me (from Canada, nevertheless!) about 12ish? Diapers  Most were old Bum Genius 4.0 aplix (Velcro if you're new and don't know that's the generic name for Velcro, or "hook and loop") and a few fuzzibunz and tons of "inserts" (microfiber).

I instantly took to youtube to figure out how to use these things.
I stumbled upon some of my favorite channels to this day because of cloth diapers:

ObbsandLala - she has sooo many videos on all things cloth diapers.
NaturallyThriftyMom - also has a big playlist of Cloth Diapering 101
I randomly found Daily Bumps through a cloth diapering giveaway they did for Charlie Banana when she was pregnant with Ollie.
Dana Ryan MsDiaperD she has lots of different diaper reviews and lead me to a ton more awesome mommy vlogs, I just can't even.

This, A.) Worked like a charm on the poo explosions, and B.) Started a love affair with cloth diapers.
I got a little obessed with collecting cute fluff. The great thing about cloth diapers is can get them second hand and even though, yes, they are used to poop and pee in, once washed properly it's really no different than getting second hand clothing.  I  collected quite a cute stash for not a lot of cash and it was wonderful.   I still used disposable at night and when we were out of the house (not often, shopping & such) because it was just easier. But even then I was buying a small bag of like 35 diapers per month (maybe $8?) I was saving a lot.

Loved seeing cloth on the line!

Even took them traveling, and washed them in a hotel with no issues.

My little stash

Started to grow

I got a little addicted to buying different diapers to try out, I've tried BumGenius, Nicki'sDiapers, Imagine, FuzziBunz, Charlie Banana, Sunbaby

My fav places to get diapers - buying their "seconds" (brand new diapers with manufacturing "flaws", although I've never been able to find a single flaw on any of the ones I bought.)
I love BumGenius 4.0s and FreeTimes

Nicki' - Probably my most fav diapers ever - Nicki's Brand Diapers & Imagine Diapers - to this day they fit Cannon the best & are the cutest. BONUS: The cheapest too, the customer support is amazing, shipping is fast & they donate a new diaper to a child in need for everyone of their diapers purchase BEST CLOTH DIAPER COMPANY EVER!

I also got a lot of my favs from Facebook resale groups just search "cloth diaper swap".

We cloth diapered (85%) from 4 months - about 22 months.  I had a good stash, was able to wash every 2-3 days, had a diaper sprayer that made cleaning the poo very easy. And all was good.

I washed with Tide original powder and never had stink or build up issues.

Then, Cannon was turning 2 and one day I just wanted to be done.

I got on those facebook for sale pages and had my whole stash (including my sprayer) sold in 2 hrs, and made almost all the money I invested back.  It was great, I was ready to just used disposables, I figured I'd push potty training a little and hopefully be done with diapers all together soon.  

Then I realized my son is not really interested in going on the potty consistantly and he's following more of my older sons way (he potty trained a month after turning 3) and I could be diapering for almost another year.   I bought diapers mulitple times (one time being a GIANT bag from Sam's Club and although they did last 2is months I didn't want to buy them again, and the smaller bags started to add up...)    I was realizing buying diapers, and throwing away so many diapers is something I just can't do.  I CAN'T DO IT!

So I went back on those FB resale sites and picked up 5 diapers. All either used once or new with out tags. And now I have a small little stash again.

I had one Charlie Banana size m/l left over
Then I picked up two Nicki's Diapers Pocket OS (one size, adjustable)

And 3 Imagine AI2's (all in two, it's two peices that snap together)

It's working for now, I still use disposable at night & out of the house.

If I could have a whole stash at this point of just one diaper, I'd choose all Nicki's pockets, He's still in the second to last setting) (and I like to stuff them with "flats"/ flour sack towels because they fit less bulky)   The 3 Imagines AI2s fit REALLY SMALL, I have them on the biggest setting and they're justbarely fit.

I've never tried any "trainers" which fit like pull-up diapers and snap on the sides, but maybe I'll check some of those out eventually.

For now, this is where we are with an almost 29 month old.

I really miss my diaper sprayer, but can't bring myself to buy another one yet. I'd want a BG again and they're around $60, for now I'm making it work.


mommyandbabyapproved said...

I'm so in love with your Cloth Diaper Stash. #BlogMA

mommyandbabyapproved said...

I'm so in love with your Cloth Diaper Stash. #BlogMA