Thursday, June 25, 2015

Raising my kids on TV, Video Games, Junk Food and Love

..And the Greatest is LOVE.

Thinking about how I want to write more in here.  I plan on posting a few updates on our visit with my sister & her family. Also, Cannon's dental surgery.   When I can find the time/pry the computer keyboard out of Kendall's hands during the day.

We're a month into SUMMER VACATION from school already, what!?

I feel like I've been anxious for the past month just dreading/worrying/feeling guilt over Cannon's surgery... but now that that is over & went well I can relax and just do summer.

We were planning on driving back to IL in July, when my husband FINALLY gets to use some Vacay time, and has more than ONE DAY OFF a week.  BUT the dental surgery, and the fact that our "new to us" vehicle doesn't seem to be as reliable as we'd need it to be to drive 10 hours each way.  We're gonna stay home :(

I miss seeing my family SO MUCH! But my sister's visit to us was really nice.
Cannon LOVED seeing his 4yr old cousin. They played mostly nicely the whole time and he didn't ask me to "play trains" "play cars" the whole time. It was really nice.

Our summer schedule is in full swing.
Basically we're not doing much, staying up too late & sleeping in way too long.

The title of this entry came to me in the shower.  I've been reading a lot lately, and a lot of homeschooling books too (I am LOVING The Well Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education At Home)  and realize I do a LOT of things wrong. Like always have & probably won't change.

Kids should have 30 minutes of screen time or TV a day?
It's more likely my TV might be turned OFF for 30 min a day, max.

Evan plays video games for many hours a day.

My kids are pretty happy, pretty intelligent, and happy to turn the screens off and pick up a book or step outside or go somewhere as a family when the opportunity arises but also, I don't fret them watching TV or Video games for most of their summer.

All my kids are bright & intelligent despite my negligence.
Evan even won the Geography Bee at his school two years in a row (5th &6th) and when asked what he studies (most kids at the Bee were like, "I studied Atlases and take practice tests online.") Evan's only answer was "I play a lot of Assassin's Creed, watch Family Guy & The Ellen Show, picked up a lot of knowledge there and make common sense guesses).

Kendall plays A LOT of Club Penguin & MineCraft. But she was reads SO MUCH. She can go through a big chapter book in a few hours that would take me MONTHS to read.
I read so slow, that book ↑ I'm currently reading now, will have to be checked out at least 2 times from the library and I'll probably end up buying it and hopefully will be done with it by the end of the year.

Every year she's at the top of her class in reading and many other things, because she reads what she wants, and she wants to read a lot because she has the freedom to read what she wants.

Next year I'll be homeschooling Evan.  I fear that I won't give him enough "real school work" to do. I'm looking into some Curriculum right now. I think for sure I want at least make him to the Teaching Textbooks math (probably Pre Algebra). I seem to be seeing recommendations for it everywhere I turn. Also it's pretty self directed and I won't have to really do much or know much to teach him... I did flunk Algebra 2 twice.  I think if I do go with that though (it's really expensive, but has a high resale value) I might just take the course myself too.   Couldn't hurt.

So far this summer Evan has become a great rice maker (he loves rice so much & I told him I was not making it everyday and if he wanted it everyday he could make it himself and he does).  Kendall has become a great muffin maker with boxed muffin mix...because she wants muffins everyday.

Cannon is learning all his shapes and lots of math through UmiZoomi.
We check out this Go Potty Go! DVD from the library, and he says "It's funny!" and wants to watch it over and over again, but has no desire to actually sit on a potty himself.
And we read books all day long.

So far we haven't done much but we're having a great summer.
Hopefully we'll do some camping (we've never ever been) this July when J does have his vacation time.  That will be a fun adventure.

I love my family so much! I love my kids, and recently I have this overwhelming desire to have 10 more.  I wish that was a responsible thing to do :/

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