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Blogging for 13 years || throwback entry: that scary time when Evan almost died.

SO I feel like I've been blogging for 13 years. Oh wait, I kind of have.  Only way before it was called "blogging" it was "journaling" and it was semi private. I have "met" SO MANY of my good friends online, lots I've actually met IRL and still call friends.  I can put it out in the Wide World now because the site I actually wrote at self destructed over a year ago.  

I did save all my entries (a frikkin lot) but they're all in html form and hard to navigate through.  

I was looking though them today because it's a great record to look back on when I'm scrapbooking to remember backstories behind some of the pictures.

I came across this entry from March 1, 2006 (Evan was 5)

I wrote this after a scary incident when Evan had to be flown in a medical helicopter.

We had so much love & prayers given to us by virtual strangers. 
A lot of the ladies that left comments are still great friends until this day.

Here it is:


Have you ever......

Been scared that your child could die? I have. 

Have you ever been told that your child's life could very well be in danger, 
that your child needs to be put in a helicopter [and you can't go with] and flown to a special hospital over an hour drive away?

I have. Last night. And it was the scariest night of my life.

Evan had been sick for the past few days. I had been sick before him [with horrible diarrea :p And I thought that he had what I had, minus the bathroom problem. He had a cold and at times was quite lethargic. He SLEPT thru Chuck E Cheese!!! I should of know this was serious!!

But I don't know if all of that led up to last night or not. Because it all seemed to happen so fast, last NIGHT. Well yesterday morning Evan went to poop and started crying...saying it hurt, It was too "big and owie". He eventually went and we figured he was maybe alittle constipated. The next couple times he went he cried too. He didn't have an appetite... I was getting worried and planned on stopping at CVS to get him some laxatives on our way home from my grandmother's.

We left home, stopped at my mom's picked up our Girl Scout Orders and headed to my grandmother's. Kendall slept and Evan watched a movie the whole way. I called Yasmin on my way...just normal chit chat. Evan complained of a tummy ache. I was thinking more of an upset tummy like earlier, but he said no he just felt "full"...

When we got to my grandmother's Evan went to the bathroom... he started crying.. I went in to check on him and noticed his stomach BULGING. I felt it and it felt super extended and tight.
I IMMEDIATELY new something was wrong and packed up my kiddos and said "we're going to the ER!"

I drove about 90MPH from [where my grandmother lives] to [where the hospital is] normally a 30 min drive... I think it took me 15 or so. The whole way he was crying on and off telling me his tummy pain is getting worse.

It was horrible, I got there fast and took him inside the ER, carrying him and holding Kendall's hand.

The nurse checked him out immediately, the doctor not too long after. He couldn't give me a straight answer to his problem...The doc checked him rectally he SCREAMED, after that he was weary of anyone that touched him :( He had to have an IV put in for fluids and antibiotics. Then ER doctor ordered Xrays. Evan did SO WELL! My little champ. He charmed just about everyone he came in contact with. Even though he was in pain [which seemed to come and go] he stayed in good spirits.

We got back then everything seemed to happen so fast. I understood the Dr to say he had a lot of air in his stomach which may need to be released surgically. It was imperative that he gets to Rockford hospital...within the hour. And there was a helicopter on its way.
I had called Jason on my way to the hospital [he had been on his way to Aurora to visit his buddy] and he immediately turned around and headed toward the hospital. So when we got back from the Xrays Jason was there. The doctor told us about Ev needing to be flown to Rockford Memorial Hospital and that Evan needed a SECOND IV in his other hand... in case surgery was needed in Rockford.

I was SO PROUD of myself for staying calm for Evan. I think I did really well... I told him everything would be fine, he was gonna be better... mom and dad loved him and all the nurses loved him and just kept reassuring him... he seemed pretty calm [considering] himself. But Jason............. he turned as white as a ghost... first when he seen Evan for the first time laying in the hospital bed and then when they inserted his 2nd IV. I seriously though he was gonna pass out or throw up... he had to sit and leave the room a couple of times.

We were just so worried.

I called Yasmin as we waited for the helicopter and asked her to pray and to ask all of you to pray. I broke down a bit in the hallway and cried. But dried my tears and got strong again to go back to Evan.

Evan had started passing gas [painfully] and as soon he did he would be so happy and relieved. His stomach started to get a bit softer. The doctor said he seemed to be getting a bit better... but still needed to see the surgeon at RMH and get his opinion.

The Helicopter came and Evan had been waiting [in between pains] anxiously. He was actually EXCITED to get to ride in the helicopter. I was so afraid he'd be scared out of his mind to be "alone" on the ride. But I had told him the nurses loved him and they'd be with him and me and daddy would be right behind him in our car. He'd just say "I KNOW!" He did not show the LEAST bit of fear. He's such a champ.

He started farting more......long ones.... I HAVE NEVER BEEN SOOOOOOOO HAPPY TO HEAR HIM FART IM MY LIFE! LOL! I knew that would help him and It seemed to be.

My mom took Kendall home with her.

Before he left Evan made up this song "Farting makes everything BEEEEETTER" Its was so cute and we all told him to fart lots in the helicopter and make it really stinky!! LOL! He though that was great. He seemed to be feeling a bit better.

He got in the helicopter and me and Jason in my car and took off. We had to stop and get gas and I seen the chopper fly over us. It was an emotional moment. 
My baby was up there, in the sky in that helicopter, in pain and with out me.

I cried most of the way to Rockford.

Yasmin called and said she was going to head over there and try to meet the plane in. I was SO GRATEFULL! [Yas, I love you!] She could be there much faster that us and Evan would be able to see a familiar face.

About 25 min into our hour trip, the helicopter crew called us and told us they had landed and they wanted to KIDNAP my son! :) That he was so cute and funny...they loved him. I guess he was singing "Fly Like An Eagle" [from Space Jam] the whole ride for the crew! LOL! And farting ALOT!!! :) Yeah, he was feeling better.

Not long after they called, Yasmin called. She was with Evan and let me talk to him. Then the doctor got on the phone and goes "I was expecting to meet some sick little boy! But he seems fine!" He was so nice. [Everyone was] And I was SO relieved! He seemed to be progressing tremendously by himself.

Farting makes everything better!
The Dr in Rockford said, he is still a little bloated, but DEFINITELY didn't need surgery. WHAT A RELIEF!!

Everything felt better from then on. My poor baby.... was gonna be ok.

We got to the hospital, seen Evan he was sitting in his room watching SPACE JAM!!! 
With Yasmin. And look like a completely different person than even an hour earlier.

I believe it was the prayers. [And the farts. :)] AND I'M SO GRATEFUL!!!!

Things got progressively better. Jason's mom and sister came and brought us clothes.

Evan felt tons better and got tired. The doctor ordered an enema :( 
I had explained what it was, while we were in the ER because I thought they might give him he knew what it meant and he was NOT HAPPY. Poor kiddo, SCREAMED and SCREAMED.... it only took a few seconds for the nursed to do but Ev was unhappy and crying for a least 20 afterward, though it did help him go to the bathroom pretty quickly [but he was in pain again :(]... and I made the mistake of letting him know he had to have another one in the morning. He was worried and had a little trouble getting to sleep. But he finally did and slept great until 8:30ish.

Me and Jason also sleep good, on a couple fold out chairs....

He was fine all up until the nurse came in with his second round. He SCREAMED and KICKED and cried and got it done, went to the bathroom and told me he doesn't "NOT want anything up his butt again!!!! Poor guy :(

The doctor asked us to feed him breakfast and lunch at the hospital and then he would evaluate where he was at. He ate and played [they had a huge PLAYROOM, which he kept referring to has "my toy room";] 

Things were fine, Evan's tummy looked NORMAL when he woke up, got a little bit bloated later on. But the doctor told us he thought he'd be fine and gave us discharge orders. 

I'm so so happy/lucky/grateful that things turned around like they did. It was really scary and could of gotten bad. But things got better as quickly as they got bad.

We left the hospital around 3pm and went back to pick up Kendall.... 

Came home and Evan has been his normal ol self [which is trying at times] but I'm so grateful to have him home and happy again. Jason stopped at CVS on our way home and got some kid laxatives [that we haven't given him yet, but I plan on it in the morning] and bought Evan a tennis set. I played with him outside with it [in 33 degree weather] because he wanted to and I just feel really blessed today to have him healthy and happy and wanting to play, that I'd probably do anything he asked right now :)

Ive been asking him all night "Does your tummy hurt?" "Do you feel full?" Does your butt hurt?"
The answer is always "NO!" I already told you! :) His tummy still looks a little bloated and he still hasn't pooped since this morning. But he keeps telling me he has NO PAIN. I'm gonna give him that lax tomorrow and hope it helps. AS LONG AS HE FEELS GOOD and the doctor thought he seemed/looked fine... so *prays some more* I'm hopeful.

Its SO SO SO hard to see your baby in pain,[watching him get IVs, enemas... Even when they took the IVs out, the peeling of the tape was even traumatic for him!] It's all something I hope none of one has to ever ever experience.

Thank you again for all your prayers and if you wouldn't mind keep us in your thoughts for a little while longer.

Notes: --------------------------------------------------------------------

I'm glad Evan is better!

I was literally up late, late, late last night thinking about him and praying for him. I was going to put him on our church's prayer tree this morning, but then I read Yasmin's update. :) [adore.]   3/3/2006 12:06:53 AM
I will def. keep you all in our thoughts and prayers. Jen, I am so sorry you guys (esp. Evan) had to go through this. *HUGS* I teared up while I read this. Gosh, I wish I would've known sooner. If you guys need ANYTHING. Please let me know. K? LOVE YOU GUYS!
Matty even prayed tonight. He loves him too! =) [~BABYVILLE~]  3/3/2006 12:07:16 AM
I am so so so glad he is home safe and doing better! [princessdi]  3/3/2006 12:10:23 AM
thank God he is ok!!  Does he like strawberries and grapes?  If he does you may want to just load him full of those instead of the laxatives......When kaylee had pooping issues (while potty training) she refused to poop for days at a time and i tried the laxatives and they all seemed to harsh for her, so we went the fruit route! Good luck! [craftqueen6]  3/3/2006 12:31:17 AM
OH GOD, I cant believe handled it much beter than I would have. WOW, go mom!! Im glad hes doing well and that "farts make everything better~!"

LOL, Boys! [WalkAllOverMe] [p]  3/3/2006 12:42:34 AM
oh yea, Matthew has problems with his bowels sometimes and we give him prune juice. Just don't give him too much. I gave Matthew a whole sippy cup of straight prune juice once, and the poor guy had 4 accidents that night! I learned my lesson! LOL! [~BABYVILLE~]  3/3/2006 12:49:43 AM
poor little guy. =( [aria]  3/3/2006 12:54:55 AM
eeek, how scary!
i'm glad things turned around so quickly though
 [love, nay]  3/3/2006 2:03:48 AM
reading this made me tear up all over again.  We love you guys too! [Delias aganippe]  3/3/2006 2:17:56 AM
That is so scary!!  I can't even imagine!!  :o(  I'm very glad to hear he is doing better!!! [BradynsKitKat]  3/3/2006 2:50:38 AM
Praise the Lord...I am continuing to pray for you all. [Karringtyn]  3/3/2006 7:00:27 AM
OMG, I'm sitting here in tears for all of you. I'm so glad he's ok now. How scary for a such a little guy. ANd how scary for you to have to watch him fly away. *Hugs* [Stephy Lynn]  3/3/2006 7:46:13 AM
Oh Jen, I am so happy everything is alright. *hugs* to you and little Evan. [risk x reality]  3/3/2006 8:04:35 AM
Glad he is back home and everything is ok! :) [mommato2]  3/3/2006 8:11:31 AM
I am so glad that everything turned out alright.  also amazed at Evans cheerfulness and humor through this.  You have one tough little cookie there, don't you? [Chrys*a*lis]  3/3/2006 8:17:19 AM
*Hugs you tight*

I couldn't help but cry for you as I read this.  I know the helpless feeling when your child is sick, but I can only imagine how difficult it had to be when Evan was THAT sick.  :(

Thank God he is home and on the road to recovery.  I hope all is still well.

 [Luvnmybri]  3/3/2006 8:49:48 AM
I'm so glad that everything turned out alright. That is so wonderful. I honestly could not imagine going through all of that. [goodbye bleeder]  3/3/2006 9:30:54 AM
Wow that's quite a day.  I'd be such a mess is my baby was facing that.  The power of prayer is immeasurable. [Truth_Finder]  3/3/2006 10:06:25 AM
Oh wow! I am sooo very glad he is ok. I can't imagine how scary that was for you, and for him. 
*hugs for you all* [~angelgirl~]  3/3/2006 10:41:42 AM
YEAH for Evan. I'm soooo glad for all of you that he is better! What a champ!! [angelndiscize]  3/3/2006 11:41:46 AM
Poor little guy..............glad everything turned out for the better for him.  He is a brave little guy! [SmileWithMe]  3/3/2006 2:44:08 PM
Wow! ((HUGS)) to you and Evan! How scary!! I would have freaked out! You handled it very well! [Emerald Sapphires]  3/3/2006 3:50:21 PM
Oh I'm so glad to hear that he is feeling better.  I bet that was scary! [Mommy2Kota]  3/3/2006 4:16:29 PM
how traumatic for EVERYONE!  i am soooooo glad he's ok!!! [squinny]  3/3/2006 7:19:17 PM
poor guy he is always in my thoughts and prayers [Cutiewith2kids]  3/3/2006 9:20:54 PM
RYN: I am so not a cat person either! I usually hate them but she's so freakin' cute I can't stand it. ;o) [Stephy Lynn]  3/3/2006 9:43:40 PM
Poor kid. :( I'm glad he's okay know though. *hugs*
 [Tinkymamma]  3/4/2006 1:07:13 AM
I'm so relieved he is okay. I was scared. Yasmin is such a wonderful friend *hugs* [BNL*Grl]  3/4/2006 10:53:10 AM
Wow! How does that happen? I'm so glad he's doing well. How frightning for you. You were a trooper as well staying so calm! *hugs* [dulce23628]  3/4/2006 11:49:52 AM
Ohmygosh poor guy!!!!!!!!

You have courage, m'lady, seriously...

Do you know what caused it? [Love's Divine]  3/5/2006 1:11:11 AM
::hugs: I am glad he was alright! and it wasn't anything too serious as you were scared it was! Yas is an awesome person and a trooper for being there for you! [.java.queen.]  3/5/2006 7:36:41 PM
soooooo glad he's okay.

* [starry night.]  3/6/2006 9:36:41 AM
I am so so glad he is doing better. It sounds like he was a brave little guy and you were a brave mom!

♥ Ashley [PunchBuggieBlue] [p]  3/12/2006 7:45:38 PM

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Krystal Chiarolla said...

So scary! Our daughter has gastro issues and we've been there. It is frightening to see them in pain and not know what is going on. I hope all has been going well since. Strong son and Mama. <3 - Love from BLOGMA!