Wednesday, August 5, 2015


We've added quite a few FAVORITE dishes to our biweekly meal plans, I'm always looking for more that my kids will eat (and with picky eaters, one whom won't eat CHEESE, it's a struggle) 

I'm going to be adding tried and true recipes here.

The first one Korean Beef using ground beef

My husband works for a company that offers deep discounts on beef products, and we almost always have a freezer full of ground beef. A lot of our recipes use it and when I found this one I was so excited... my kids LOVE rice and East Asian food.

My husband found this recipe online.. maybe, I honestly don't know.

This has been a hit since we first made it & it's been on our monthly or bimonthly year plan for a year now.

This recipe is so good, even better than take out!

We usually double it to have plenty of left overs for the hubs to take to work for lunch.

Print this

1lb ground beef
1T sesame seed oil
3 garlic clove, minced
¼C brown sugar
¼C soy sauce
½t fresh ginger (or 1/8 ground ginger)
black pepper, to taste
red pepper flakes (optional)
6 green onions, chopped

Cooked white rice  (I make 2 cups when I double the recipe)

TIP: Use a potato masher to break up your ground beef while cooking!
Like this you can find on Amazon!

1. In a large skillet heat sesame oil and garlic, add ground beef and cook until browned.


2. While the meat is browning... in a small bowl mix the brown sugar, soy sauce, ginger and pepper.

{I'll also start the rice now}

3. When the hamburger is browned, drain and return to the pan.
Pour the sugar/soy sauce mixture, mix it all together and simmer 5-7min.

Serve over warm rice and top with green onions.


When in season we like to serve alongside roasted asparagus, this time we boiled carrot strips in chicken broth and it was delish.

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This looks so good. My son would absolutely love this. #BLOGMA #LINKLOVE